Introduced in 3rd person voiced 
by Lenny McGurr aka Futura

Jaz is a creative director, consultant, and AI enthusiast, driven by a profound addiction to creativity and a personal conviction akin to the inner qualities of a Jedi. His journey has been marked by harrowing experiences, from dodging bags of cash hurled by real-life mafia members in Taiwan to teaching AI to network agencies. 
Unlike many creatives, Jaz started his career by founding the streetwear brand "SCUM" out of a passion for sneakers and graphic design. This venture unexpectedly catapulted to regional prominence and led him to move to Taiwan, especially after collaborating with the iconic Hong Kong hip-hop band LMF, resulting in international sales, including in New York City, and a blog in Hypebeast. He also worked as an art director for Taiwanese music labels such as SONY EMI and Warner Music. His team won a Golden Melody award for best album cover design at the 2003 Golden Melody Awards and MTV at the same event. He was also featured as a mover and shaker for Tiger Translate 2007. 
In 2007, due to a family issue, he relocated back to sunny SG and fell into the rabbit hole of advertising, where he has thrived for the past 20 years. Jaz found himself in diverse boardrooms at renowned agencies such as Ogilvy, McCann, Toaster (google vendor), Grey and others, leading and guiding teams of 2 to 12, mainly in Singapore and collaborated with many across regions like Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, alongside industry legends who shaped him through trials by fire, relentless review bombardments, late nights and countless revisions.
Throughout his career, he achieved feats such as making a father pregnant for a bank, starting a viral movement for YouTube creators, fostering national pride in being Singaporean, aiding deprived individuals to sleep for a good cause, to leveraging nerds' passion points to promote a new facial recognition system for a financial product and cloning an influencer 98 times using breakthrough Ai Technology. Along the way, he garnered both local and international awards and off the roof creative effectivity metrics for his contributions.
He has reached significant milestones, leading and guiding teams to surpass expectations. Valuing teamwork and cohesion, he understands that collaboration yields the best results. With various titles under his belt, including associate, senior, creative, and director. Jaz has operated across regions like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and New York City, securing pitches and collaborating with renowned brands. Colleagues describe him as a versatile creative professional with a remarkable ability to navigate conceptual thinking and art trends, coupled with a keen eye for fashion, art, and design.
Despite the challenges, Jaz has managed to create remarkable achievements, deriving immense enjoyment from his work. In his spare time, he dedicates himself to running, observing the exceptional progress of his special son with an extra chromosome, and building Gundam and panting animals with his older son. Each night, he cherishes moments spent with his wife, sharing a drink or two after the lights have dimmed, embodying his mantra, “This is the Way.”
suSgain: Campaign brief, The work 2022
Branded content and entertainment 
Fim & TV Craft

VIU: Streaming made sensational for all
Marketing Excellence Awards 2021
GOLD: Excellence in Consumer Insights/Market Research
GOLD: Excellence in eCommerce Marketing 
GOLD: Excellence in Launch/Re-launching Marketing 
BRONZE: Excellence in Pivot Marketing 
BRONZE: Excellence in Media Strategy 
Silver: Markies 2018, Best use of app mobile
Gold: MOB-EX Awards 2018, Best campaign - Tablets
Bronze: MOB-EX Awards 2018, Use of mobile at event
New York Festival MIDAS Award 2016 

2 Golds, Outdoor/OOH/Transit
2 Silver Design, New Product/Service Launch
1 Finalist
Craft: Art direction
Craft: Illustration
2 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronzes at Marketing Mob-Ex Awards 2017
Best App for Consumer Brand - Best Campaign for Informative use of Mobile
Best Campaign for Integration of Mobile
Best Campaign for Innovation
Best Campaign for Mobile Launch/Re-Launch

Editorial Awards Gold (ISH 2007-2008) 
Photography and design craft
Democratic Paper Story
Adfest Design Lotus finalist 2010
Adstars finalist 2010
Creative Circle Awards finalist 2010
GTV八大電視 (Taiwan) Winner for Best Music Video MTV ASIA
Tiger Translate feature. Exhibitions in Taiwan, 
HK, NYC, London, Melbourne, Shanghai and Beijing. 2006
Viewers Choice MTV of the year. 2005. Machi Superman.
MTV best album cover design, GOLD at the MTV awards 2004.

Some kind words

I recently worked with Jaz in Singapore and would highly recommend him as a senior art director/creative director. He is extremely motivated to doing the best work possible, bringing strong concepts to the table and then crafting the work so it really shines. Jaz also works well in pitch situations and is good at leading a team. If you are looking for someone in a senior art role or CD role, Jaz would fill this role effortlessly. As an added bonus he is a great guy and brings a lot of character to a creative department.
Dave Thackery, BBH Senior copywriter, Freelance CD, content creator.

Jaz is very much a 21st-century art director and CD. Within a very short time of arriving at the agency, he'd already showed us all what was possible with some of the latest AI tools—and made a massive contribution to the look and feel of our work. Hard-working and professional, Jaz will be an asset to any creative department that is lucky enough to have him.
Mike Sutcliffe, Creative Director Copy, Societal

I had the pleasure of working closely with Jaz during my time as a Creative (Art) Intern at Grey Group, Singapore. Jaz’s mentorship was an invaluable experience for me where I was fortunate enough to witness his leadership and creative skills first-hand. He was always approachable and supportive, offering feedback and guidance whenever necessary. His ability to manage fast-paced projects and tight deadlines while maintaining a high level of visual sense and attention to detail was truly inspiring. During my time working with Jaz, I was given agency training that allowed me to develop my skills further in handling complex briefs while constantly generating fresh and strong ideas. His leadership, creativity and expertise are invaluable, and I am confident that he would make a significant contribution to any organization.
Javeen Bakshi, Juniour Creative at Grey Group.

Jaz is a true veteran in the advertising scene. He’s experienced, has a great eye for detail and is fiercely passionate about the work. We worked on several projects together at Ogilvy, the most notable one being the launch of SG50 to celebrate Singapore’s golden jubilee. Throughout, Jaz demonstrated the ability to guide teams and elevate the work to an exceptional level. He’s a wonderful story-teller too. Give him a mic and a cup of kopi, and he’ll regale you with colorful tales of Singapore’s ad scene from days of yore
Augustus Sung, Associate Creative Director at R/GA New York. 

Jaz has that can do attitude. And more than that he does it with a smile and by giving his best. We worked together on some really tough business and even during some crazy crunch times when I was directing the work to route I thought was best, Jaz challenged me with new and better ways to execute it. He was always looking to push the idea further and look beyond the obvious. He was thorough in his application and an absolute wizard on the tools, magic would appear before my eyes constantly. Jaz would be an asset to any company he finds himself at.
James Daniels - Creative Director at Arcade.

"Jaz is an artist who works in advertising. In a very short time he has grown into a accomplished Art Director with skills to tackle pretty much any challenge given to him. 
He is very aware of what is going on in the creative scene and keeps his ideas and art current and relevant. Jaz is a calm individual who is always ready to listen and learn which is a quality not found in many creative people. I have known Jaz for over seven years."
Richard Copping, ECD, Ogilvy

"Jaz is a creative that gets culture in it’s many forms. I’ve known him for years and while my initial impression way back in school was that he was a street-cool only type of creative, he has constantly surprised me with how deep his instinct for creating culturally stand-out work is. Whether he is creating work targetted at millennial fashionistas or HDB uncles, he gets their culture. He is truly multi-faceted and doesn’t shy away from answering briefs in a way that makes sense for the man-on-the-street. 
As a visual crafter, I have deep respect for his design skills. An extremely talented designer, he can make the ordinary look stunning. More importantly, he doesn’t let visual craft dictate his way of thinking and his strategic approach to answering briefs. He is and always will be an ideas-first creative. A perfect combination in a creative talent."
Stan Lim, ECD, Isobar​​​​​​​

"Jaz is a curious blend of designer and planner – curious, because he simply is. I’ve known him to pose some of the toughest questions when briefed, and the result (when he’s satisfied with all he’s heard) can be delightfully surprising. I’m sure there’s more to you than I dare to imagine Jaz. Over to you…"
Mark Fernandez, Creative Group Head. Saatchi.

Jaz Loh is the master of his craft. Ideas are putty in his hands to stretch, shape and bounce off anyone with a willing ear. And boy, can he tell it!  He won’t let a good idea slip through his fingers without a fight. Not only is he a perfectionist, he’s the consummate storyteller and idea percolator you’d want on your team. Get him onboard then unleash him.
Stella Leong. Tribal DDB, Freelance Senior Writer.

"Jaz is a very professional senior art director who really cares about his craft. I worked with him on a few large projects at Ogilvy & Mather Singapore and always found him to be meticulous, hard-working and passionate about creating great creative work. 
On top of all that, he's a good bloke and a pleasure to work with. 
If I were you, I'd hire him before someone else does."
Daniel Leonard Barrett. Ogilvy, Senior Copywriter.

"I've worked with Jaz numerous times over the past few years, and each time 
the client was very happy. He is professional, easy to work with, and thinks out of the box. Thumbs up!"
David Barker, Pixel deep, Photographer.

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