49 icons of Singapore

In 2015, Singapore will turn 50. To kick-start the jubilee celebrations, we wanted to excite Singaporeans. 
By giving them more reason to celebrate. 49 reasons, to be exact – our obsession with mascots; how we reserve 
tables with tissue packs; the way we pack our coffee to-go. We designed 49 little “red dots” featuring these quirky, 
very Singaporean things, and overnight, plastered them at different spots all across the island. We painted 
the town red. From a ‘Kopi Bag’ sticker at the neighbourhood coffee shop, to ‘Durian’ at a supermarket, 
these little red icons became both a reminder to people of our unique and diverse Singapore culture, 
as much as they served as a celebration of the people – the quirks, the kinks and all.
Every icon is a distinctively unique Singaporean trait. And we placed the 
various icons in specific areas where people carry out their daily lives.
Posters were placed around the island to create interest and introduce 
the website, where all 50 icons can be seen and discussed.
www.iconsof.sg on all responsive platforms.
A lovely spot directed by Boo JunFeng from Zhao Wei Films.​​​​​​​
On ground activation celebrating the things that make us, us.
Art Direction/ Concept: Jaz Loh. Xander Lee, Raziff Lau.
Copywriting: Airina Imran, Augustus Sung
Creative Direction: Eugene Cheong, Melvyn Lim,  Jon Loke.
Illustration: Roots.

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