MSE Singapore tasked the agency to create a social campaign that will excite Singaporeans about the Singapore Green Plan 2030 and encourage Singaporeans to take meaningful action toward the fight against Climate Change especially during Climate Action Week.
After some research, we harnessed existing behaviour youths and young adults from the ages of 18-30 spend most of their time on TikTok. Hence, we derived the engagement based on their behaviours with a fun campaign that everyone can be a part of.
TikTok users love making comparisons.
“Mum VS Me”.
“My Current Boss VS My Ex Boss”. 
“Man U VS Liverpool”.
Tapping on everyone’s competitive streak, and rally them to fight for their own team? 

How it works:
We’ll get influencers to pit themselves against others in “eco contests” 
based on different profiles and characteristics, and get them to banter 
against one another while dishing out tips on living sustainably. 

Challenge anyone of your choice to an #EcoFaceOff to help fight 
against climate change this #ClimateActionWeek!

The campaign reached 5 million reached on the TikTok hashtag page.
The TopView Ad was viewed by 1.4 million.  
TikTok Discover Ad on the main feed
TikTok Hashtag Page: #TheEcoFaceOff
with a total of 5 million reached within a week.

Launched the campaign with a call to action video on TikTok
To amplify the campaign, we engaged the help of notable KOLs.
KOL Videos made videos on their respective feeds.

Food King by Night Owl Cinematics

We also engaged in few influencers to spread the word.
Creative concept: Jaz Loh, Cassie Sim
Art Direction: Jaz Loh
Creative direction: Linus Chen, Benson Toh
Copywriting: Cassie Sim, Chun Sim
Production partners: Night Owl Cinematics, Hepmil
Agency: Tribal DDB


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