Drawing inspiration from the Horlicks campaign in India, which encourages children
to pursue their dreams and strive for success, we were given the task of expanding
the dialogue to ensure that families throughout India actively remember the campaign
and ignite ambition in their kids. However, persuading children to consume
Horlicks on a daily basis presents its challenges. Is there a way we can assist
mothers in reminding their children of what they aspire to achieve and why?
To initiate this dialogue, we engaged with children to explore their future dreams.
We then showcased these aspirations on a limited edition set of 500, which
was accompanied by a pack. Through social media and online platforms,
we provided mothers with the opportunity to personalize special
limited edition Horlicks cups, featuring their child's dreams, serving as
a daily reminder for the kids to inch closer to their goals
by actively fueling their growth aspirations.


Creative Direction: Fredrik Englund
Concept & Art Direction: Jaz Loh
Copywriter: Natalia Dudek


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