New York MIDAS Award 2016,  
World's Best in Financial Advertising

2 Gold Ingots : 
1 Gold for design, 
1 Gold use of medium Out of home.
2 Silver Ingots: 1 Silver: illustration, 
1 silver best use of medium.

Markies Singapore 2018
Silver: Best use of app mobile
Role: Design and art direction.

In a 2016 poll, one in three Singaporeans had experienced credit card fraud. This leads to an apprehension to digital payments and credit card usage. To tackle this issue, we introduced Mastercard ID (identity check), software that uses your own facial biometrics to authenticate purchases. To promote the technology we were tasked to engage early adopters at the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF). The problem is, that most geeks aren’t interested in cyber security. We needed something that would appeal to their nerdy side and connect them directly with all the technical details they desire.

The response was overwhelming. Over the course of the event we directly engaged thousands of event participants and created over 400 individual customised illustrations and EDMs, giving each participant all the tech-related information they needed. Directly making tech influencers the face of a digital payment security campaign; Priceless.

Involvement: Art direction and design of the prints for Trump, Elvis, Tyrion Lennister to Miley Cyrus.

Creative Director: Peter Hibberd 
Art Director, Illustration Design: Joey Claroniño
Copywriter: Ploy Lawjindakul
Art Direction, Design, illustration: Jaz Loh 
Design, illustration, art direction: Beng Wee
Designer: Farouq Shaffudin
Designer: Xinyi Lim 
Senior Copywriter: Lynn Chiam
Producer/ Art Buyer: Kirby Ho
CSD: May Lye
Agency: McCann Worldgroup


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