This project was my Grey SG team working in close conjunction with GREY NYC for an American pharma pitch
for Genentech. The NYC office called for global participation for ideation, and SG office landed with the
final territory that went on the win the pitch. The product is called VABYSMO®. This is an injection for patients
and is the first and only FDA-approved treatment designed to block 2 causes of wet AMD and DME (VEGF and Ang-2*).
And it lasts longer between treatments compared to it's competitors, making them the only medicine
that allows the patient to have a slighter better lifestyle.
The Ad Lob

Chief Creative Officer: Tim Jones
Executive Creative Director: Aaron Phua
Creative Director: Josh Eastman, Rubinho Fernando
Art Direction: Aaron Phua, Jaz Loh 
Copywriter: May May Heng, Rubinho Fernando
Account servicing: Konstantin Popovic
Grey Worldwide.


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