Our challenge: OCBC's public perception as a traditional Chinese image. OCBC needed young Singaporeans to switch to OCBC. Most Singaporeans start with one bank and stick to it for a long time or a lifetime.

So with our help, OCBC came up with FRANK. A new way to bank. FRANK is smart. FRANK empowers young adults to do the things they want in life. With a FRANK Account, they can take control of their money and achieve their savings goals.

OCBC launched FRANK with 50 card designs, some in collaboration with famous designers and artists in Singapore to showcase the vibrance and the fact that banking doesn't have to be boring. It's up to you how you want to bank, speaking in the very vernacular of the young.

Executive Creative Director: Todd Waldron
Creative Director: Thomas Kirk
Art Directors: Jaz Loh/ Yan Ng
Copywriters: Ling Hwei/ Low Y H
Illustrations Animation: Jaz Loh, Julian Stone
Illustrations print: Krystal Rene Melson
Agency: McCann Erikson, Singapore


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