When mums are expecting, dads feel pregnant too. Some of them even experience mood swings 
and physical changes during the pregnancy journey! And while they both share the same worries about money, 
it weighs heavier on the minds of fathers-to-be.
Even among women, pregnancy is something that can’t really be described, only experienced. 
Yet, husbands are expected to help out their pregnant wives the best they can, where they can. 

Who can blame them for not even knowing where to start?
To highlight the issues pregnant women face, POSB challenged a man to don an empathy belly 
and share his experiences with the world. He’ll act as a proxy for men everywhere as he carries out 
his tasks with grit, determination, and a 12kg load. Will he fall flat, or rise above the challenge? 

Let's take a look. 

Chief Creative Officer: Chris Chiu
Creative Director: Francis Ooi, Chris Lim
Senior Art Directors: Jaz Loh, Elmy Thong
Senior copywriter: Stella Leong
Concept & Ideation: Jaz Loh, Stella Leong
Music & Talent: Tay Kewei, Alfred Sim
Account service: YiWen Chan, Yvonne Tan, Ng Hwei Yun
Director: Thila, Abundant productions


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