A friend entrusted us with the execution of a social-first content marketing campaign aimed at promoting the sale of art and merchandise, as well as increasing attendance at the event. Additionally, we were assigned the responsibility of designing event merchandise, including a hardcover book, a tote bag, and an ammunition box for packaging for the street icon Futura.
Our campaign strategy encompassed taking control of the client's social media accounts and crafting meticulously curated content to achieve these objectives. To enhance engagement, we developed a microsite that not only provided educational information about the artist and the event but also served as a tool for lead collection and data mining.
Digital advertising on paid social platforms played a pivotal role, involving paid strategy, media planning and buying, as well as continuous data analytics.
Presented by The Culture Story and curated by Jahan Loh, CONSTELLATION marked Futura's inaugural Southeast Asian solo art show. The exhibition featured 30 specially commissioned works created during a two-week residency in Singapore by the renowned street artist. Futura's distinctive abstract graffiti style, characterized by bold, vibrant compositions and iconic motifs like characters, atoms, and cranes, was showcased at Gillman Barracks from May 28 to June 9, 2019.
The campaign delivered exceptional results across digital and social channels, surpassing both KPI and ROI expectations.
Impressions: 537,858
Reach: 307.7K
Engagements: 7,793
Profile views: 13.8K
New followers: 1,965
Impressions: 892.3K
Reach: 754.8K
Engagements: 3,175
Clicks: 6,615
New fans: 1,005

The campaign generated a total of 26,097 website views, and the event attracted a turnout of 2,269 attendees, exceeding expectations for a seemingly straightforward art event.

   Packaging design and catalogue art direction.
Limited Edition Book Packaging Design, inspired by an ammo case.
Book Design, designed in collaboration with Futura AKA Leonard McGurr.
Director: Jahan Loh, Melvin Wong
Videography, Editing & Cinematography: Melvin Wong​​​​​​​
Website Design: Jaz Loh 
Copywriting: Calvin Sio, Ning Chong, Jaz Loh, May Leong
Creative Director: Jaz Loh, Lenny McGurr
Art Director, Catalogue design: Jaz Loh, Andy Loh
Catalogue Packaging Design and concept: Jaz Loh
Copywriter: Jaz Loh, Calvin Sio, Jahan Loh
Website design: Jaz Loh
Social Media, Content creation & Strategy: Jaz Loh & Calvin Sio 
Agency: UMAMI
Client: The Culture Story
Partners/ Collaborators: ICNCLST/


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