The Project
This project started as a packaging design for Chinese New Year. However, we had a bigger idea, which evolved into a full-fledged integrated campaign, resulting in a significant and somewhat unrealistic increase in the budget—all based on one good idea. My role was the main senior artist on the project, working alongside my art creative director.

Every Chinese New Year, it is an important tradition for families to make their journey home for a reunion. This tradition holds great significance, especially for those living abroad. When they return home, they naturally bring gifts to express their appreciation to their family and to show that they are doing well. The gesture of buying a gift symbolizes the timeless value of filial piety.

The Idea:
We reinterpreted the timeless and traditional "Spring Festival Couplets," or 'Chunlian,' into something different. These couplets are usually painted with black ink throughout Chinese culture. We decided to put a modern twist on this traditional art form by using Nespresso coffee as the ink, a play on blending ‘Coffee Art’ with a traditional art form. By adopting the Chinese character for “gift,” as a main visual base, we visually encapsulated the emotional journey home that individuals take. This unique blend of coffee and art conveys the message: "Say it with Nespresso, what else?"

200 shares in Nespresso CNY social media campaign in Singapore alone
200k viewers on the CNY social media campaign content video in Singapore
Total of  10k Likes in Nespresso Singapore Facebook for the CNY campaign
Teaser video
Main Video
Piety video
Cinemagraphs were launched in stages until the key visuals 
were released in the stores region-wide.
Key Visual Simplified Chinese Version
Singapore, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Thailand
Key Visual Traditional Chinese Version
Taiwan, Hong Kong

9-hole Capsule Sleeve Design

Taking cues from the key visual, the Nespresso brand story
is expressed in coffee art, circling around the Nespresso logo. 
It simultaneously alludes to the age-old tradition of reunion 
and represents a cycle of renewal of the year.

The sleeve is designed to double up as a box to house used capsules
for recycling. This will be tied in with Nespresso’s capsule recycling initiative. 

Customers can use it as a bin when it's turned over.
Nespresso Lungo cup design

Using special heat-sensitive ink, the coffee art featuring the story from the key visual
is printed on the cup. The art is only revealed when hot liquid/coffee is poured into the cup. 
When cool, the full extent of the design is hidden.

The Nespresso monogram is printed in a red band that wraps around the base of the cup, 
keeping the design simple and elegant before it's filled with coffee. As hot coffee is poured into the cup, 
an image of a family connecting over coffee appears, symbolizing reunion and warmth.
Instore POSM
Campaign Launch: PR Event

Following the videos, a PR event will be organised in 
the Nespresso ion store, for invited 
members and the media.  Aaron will do live painting demos 
of this artwork and talk about the shared vision 
and timeless values his art shares with Nespresso
The artwork was created by artist Aaron Gan. 
Concept & Art direction: Jaz Loh, Max Chan
Creative direction: Jaz Loh, Max Chan & Peter Hibberd
Copywriting: Crystal Chin, James Keng Lim
Watercolour art: Aaron Gan
Chinese Typography & character Illustration: Nicodemus Loh
Photography: AK, Teo Studios
Director: Clayton Lai
Production: Kirby Ho
Traffic, CSM: May Lye
Agency: McCann Worldgroup


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