Blue-collar workers have been transmitting HIV to their families, as they tend to forgo using helmets when engaging in risky behaviours. This has become a growing social concern in Singapore.
What if we harnessed their interests to influence their behaviours? What do blue-collar Geylang uncles enjoy? Seductive companions, Hokkien tunes, and plenty of indulgence.
What do they dislike? Practices like safe sex and the inconvenience of HIV tests. "隆是为着你" is a classic Hokkien love song, often favoured by our Geylang uncles in karaoke parlours. When loosely translated, the title conveys "It’s all for you." To add a layer of significance to that phrase, when viewed in isolation, the first character also means 'condom'—spoken in the language of Geylang ah pek, of course.

At our main engagement touch point: The Getai arena, we deploy girls to walk around in a dress fashioned out 
of condoms. She will invite men to pluck condoms off from the bottom of her dress. The more condoms get taken, 
the shorter her dress becomes. Behind each condom is a number they can call to book an HIV test appointment.

Creative Directors: Troy Lim, Jon Loke
Copywriters: Airina Imran
Art Director: Jaz Loh
Agency: Ogilvy


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