Mums and teachers in the Philippines find that kids don’t spend enough time during handwash. On average, most children finish their handwash in just 5 seconds. That’s hardly enough time for a thorough job, nor for the soap to do its job. Little wonder kids are falling ill frequently from germs spread around at playgrounds and classrooms, despite washing their hands.

A soap dish with an embosser in the shape of a cute germ and a message could get kids to wash their hands for the recommended 20 seconds. 

Here’s how it works:
1. The embosser on the soap dish leaves an imprint on a wet piece of soap after it’s been used and placed back on the dish. The imprint is that of a cute germ with the message: Get rid of me. Wash hands for 20 secs.

2. The child will have fun trying to rub away the germ, while getting his hands properly washed. (And it’ll take approximately 20 seconds for the imprinted germ to “wash off”.)

3. When the cake of soap is placed back on the embosser dish, the soap is imprinted and re-branded again. And the cute little germ awaits to greet the child user at his next hand wash.

Safeguard could provide schools and paediatric wards at hospitals with these embossed soap dishes to be used with Safeguard soap. This will encourage proper handwashing habit among children, on a massive scale.

On a retail level, an embossed soap dish could be banded with every bar of Safeguard soap, so that mums can continue to get their kids to get into the habit of washing their hands properly at home. The working mum, in particular, will find peace of mind knowing that her child is benefiting from the lasting protective effects of every Safeguard hand wash done properly. Safeguard is every Supermum’s shield of protection.

Creative Directors: Dominic Stallard
Creative Director/Copywriter: Renee Lim
Senior Art Director: Jaz Loh
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi


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